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Weekend Workshop
Saturday 09:00 - 17:00
Sunday 10:00 - 16:00
Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Robyn-Anne travels regularly to  Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg.
Guest speakers are invited  when necessary.   
Course notes are provided.
Booking essential.
Working with iTongo Tarot

The differences between iTongo and Traditional Tarot

Structure of iTongo Tarot

Archetypes & Mythology

Simple Spreads for daily meditations

Interpretation Techniques

Calculating the Significator card

Choosing Personal cards

Meditation techniques

Visualisation techniques

How to journey/dialogue with iTongo Tarot


3-2-5 Card Resolution Spread

Basic Spreads

Assigning positions

iTongo vision quest

The Warrior guided meditation
iTongo Tarot is and indigenous knowledge system with powerful archetype images.  Based entirely on South African myths and legends.  Designed and developed  for tarot readers worldwide to experience the energy and rhythm of South Africa.  

African folk tales were passed down in a strict oral tradition from one generation to the next. Tribal storytellers were called Guardians of the Umlando (tribal history). The Tarot as a story-telling device can bring us to the roots of our own personal consciousness  or involve us in a greater narrative.

The iTongo cards are a tool for transition and personal transformation.  

This weekend workshop is for beginners and experienced tarot practitioners.  Over the two days we explore the differences between iTongo Tarot and traditional tarot.  Unique spreads and discover the myths and legends of South Africa.
R 1500.00 (Includes iTongo Tarot Deck)
R 1200  Bring your own iTongo Tarot Deck
Venues are dependent on numbers -  TBA at booking.
Cost includes refreshments and Lunches