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ZAR 275.00
Excludes Shipping
78 FULL COLOUR CARDS (80mm x 120mm)
ISBN 978-0-981434-0-8
Includes myths, legends and history of South Africa.
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iTongo Tarot for Transformation
Unless otherwise requested, iTongo Tarot box set is shipped Registered Air Mail with a tracking number.  On Shipping I will email you the TRN.  Delivery is to the Post Office for your collection.  
South Africa:  Allow 48 hours for notification to our distribution from  We will ship within 24 hours after notice or one business day thereafter. Delivery is 3 - 5 Business Days.
International:  When paying through PayPal please note that we will ship after payment has been cleared and approved. This can take 3 - 5 business days.  Delivery is 5 - 8 Business Days.
ITongo is wonderful (iwongoful?)  Very well thought out, beautiful art, and it works well in readings as well as teaching us about Africa’s people and their very deep traditions.  One of the best “cultural tarots” I’ve seen in a long time. Congratulations.  Rachel Pollack
Have you ever wanted to travel to far off places and meet people from completely different cultures?  More than any other this deck creates such an experience for you.  This is the first Tarot I know from South Africa, and it appears to be full of the spirit of that place.  It respectfully honors the myths and cultures of people from the four directions of that land in a way that can broaden your horizons.  Still, it stays true to recognizable Tarot meanings and teachings. Clearly in the Rider-Waite-Smith lineage, these beautiful images break enough with that tradition to offer fresh perspectives that introduce us to the wisdom of the many peoples of the Southern-most reaches of the African continent.  I wholeheartedly recommend the iTongo Tarot for adventurous souls who want to explore the wisdom tradition of other lands, as well as for those who appreciate a well-designed and beautifully illustrated original deck conception.  Mary Greer
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