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Tarot Reading
Robyn-Anne Pollard is a well known tarot reader based in Cape Town.  Using iTongo Tarot for Transformation, Robyn-Anne believes the cards mirror the unconscious. She travels extensively throughout South Africa.  Her speciality is current situation and influences.
Home / Office Cleansing

This service is to clear residual energy in your home or office.  
You will be required to work with me when sourcing items/equipment needed for the cleansing ceremony.
I offer a follow up service and mentoring of the people in the building.
Motivational Speaker

Survival - “What's the worst that can happen?”

If the P.R.I.C.E.  is right? What is your worth?

Managing Loss - Death, employment, self worth

Fear is a 4 letter word.  
Corporate Events & Functions
Services offered for events and functions are;

Tarot reading - quick 3 card spreads, Personality card, random selecting a Tarot card

Tea Leaf reading


Palm reading
Missing Persons / Paranormal Investigator

I only work at the request of the immediate family or investigating Police services, or written permission from the family concerned.

I am able to ‘track’ from either a recent photograph, personal item or in situ.   I will relay all images, sounds and smells and give as much detailed information as possible.  This is not an exact science and the imagery may not have relevance to me but may be quite specific to the person concerned.  Example: Should I see birds - this could mean either an actual bird, aviary nearby or the name of a street - Finch Road.  In order to achieve a successful result one needs a collaborative partnership.

When contacting me for assistance, please provide your full name, relationship to the missing person, current phone number and the name and number of the Investigating officer.  I will confirm the missing person case and contact you with my initial findings.


I work on donations for this service excluding costs for equipment,
travel & accommodation, should I be required to do so.
I am available to travel world wide.