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Introduction to Tarot
The art of Tarot is constantly evolving.  There are as many tarot styles available as there are philosophies, archetypes, cultural and ethnic differences.  Each style offers a variety of uses and each has its own energy for you to intuit.

When one is introduced to Tarot the  variety and conflicting meanings often confuse and confound us.  This workshop is designed to clear some of the misconceptions on Tarot, the history and divisions within the Tarot system.  

The Tarot as an effective tool offers many purposes.  As a story telling device, guided visualisation, meditation and divination.

Tarot is often viewed as a parlour game, yet games can be serious (just ask any chess player or professional athlete); they transport us briefly to other worlds - our focus is greater, we experience satisfied pleasure from our tactical moves, we desire an outcome.  

Working with Tarot is similarly rewarding; we set out with a purpose and we weave our way through the archetypes and stories; we resonate with the energies and we choose the path to follow. Today we find more people working with Tarot to explore their own consciousness, past lives and potential futures.

The history of Tarot

Tarot and the Church

Divisions of Tarot (Majors and Minors)

The relationship between Tarot and other principles -
Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah

Debunking myths

Elements, energies assigned to cards


Tarot Timing

Tarot interpretations

Sample other philosophies and tarot differences


Discover your personal Tarot cards

Simple spreads

Readings and interpretations

Vision Quest
Weekend Workshop
Saturday 09:30 - 16:00
Sunday 10:00 - 16:00
R 1200  Bring your own Tarot Deck
Venues are dependent on numbers -  TBA at booking.
Cost includes refreshments and Lunches