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Workshops are conducted over a weekend,
unless otherwise specified.

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Facilitator:  Robyn-Anne Pollard

In our busy lives we are constantly faced with choices.  We do not have control of the past and look to our futures with an expectation… but what about the moment?  This small gap, where we do have the power to influence our future, which becomes our past.
Over years of Counselling and Readings, course convener Robyn-Anne Pollard became aware of a common thread running through the needs of her clients.  Everyone wants happiness and does not want suffering. Therefore, it is important to discover what will bring about the greatest degree of happiness.  Rewrite your history and break old patterns.  You can’t change where you have come from, but you can change where you are going to.
Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Robyn-Anne travels regularly to Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg.
For more information on any of the workshops contact me.
Guest speakers are invited when relevant.  
Course notes are provided.
Booking essential.