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Welcome to africantarot.com

Tarot as a tool for Transformation.

Tarot is a visual tool with a symbolic language based on universal patterns, icons, culture, mythology, philosophy and ethnicity.  It is a knowledge system that works with the user at their level of interest and experience.

We spend most of our lives looking for that ‘something’ that we believe will make us happy and remove the suffering in our lives. For some the search is to find another that ‘completes’ them. Others desire fame and fortune.  Sadly even when we have found what we were looking for there is still a ‘hole in our soul’.

Only when we have found peace within, will we find peace around us.  Only when we acknowledge who we are, can we truly begin to live the life we believe we deserve.

My objective as a Spiritual Coach is to mirror and act as your agent of transformation.

Live your best life, take responsibility for the choices you make.  We are exactly where we need to be - learn the lessons - move on!